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Xeric Grant

2009-12-24 16:55:09

You're probably wondering what this image means. Besides it being a fantasy of mine to draw Ninja Turtle comics (and a Pang/TMNT crossover special), I was just recently informed that I was awarded a Xeric grant to print and self-publish volume 1 of Shi Long Pang!

The Xeric Foundation was founded by Peter Laird, one of the creators of Ninja Turtles and they give grants to comic creators every year. So what you have here is Pang riding Leonardo into the great beyond. It's a bit of profound symbolism!

Needless to say I'm super excited. Some of you might be wondering what this means if you've bought some books from me online. Well, I'm not entirely sure, but if you're one of those people (I have you on record) and you decide that you would like to purchase the forthcoming book, which will be around 200 pages, I'll definitely throw in something sweet for free.

Anyway, I'm shooting to get this thing printed and in people's hands in time for San Diego Comic Con in July, at which I'll have a table. I lost a bit of time in the last two months, so even though it's half a year away, I'll still be rushing to finish, edit, and then print the book (which will take two months itself, according to the printer I've been talking to.)

Until then, I'm going to be trying hard to get more people reading this comic. Look forward to updates not being missed once I get back to drawing again.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

I'm back!

2009-12-13 20:49:05

I just wanted to let everyone know I got back from the hospital on the night of the 12th! So far I'm in a bunch of pain, but otherwise doing okay. To dispel any mystery behind my surgery, I was going in for a large liver tumor that they ultimately suspected to be benign. I just didn't feel comfortable saying anything without knowing for sure. But the good news is that it was benign!

It was also the size of a softball, and there's a 12 inch incision across my belly keeping me sufficiently hunched over. Thus, I'm not exactly sure when I'll really be "back" enough to work on comics. Hopefully in a week or two!

In the meantime I have a cool new product in the store! A shirt for the Iron Crotch initiated!

I originally intended to make this baby available right after Alternative Press Expo in October, but then all this tumor stuff derailed it. There are a limited number of shirts available, and certain sizes are more limited than others. So get yours quick if you want one. I might have to disappoint you and say there are no more of the size you ordered (make sure to specify which size you want in the order notes).

Once again, I really can't reiterate enough how much I have appreciated everyone's kind words throughout the past month. And I can't wait to get back to drawing Pang at a regular pace.


Bustin' out the Da Mo Cane

2009-11-27 17:13:34

Thanks for all the well wishes, everyone. I really appreciate it. Originally, my surgery was scheduled for the 23rd, but it got pushed back to December 7th. So here's another page.