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Yes, yes I am (afraid)

2010-02-19 18:00:34

Oh man, is this the end of the captain? I wouldn't dare squeeze out another couple pages of fight scene, would I?

Hopefully when all is said and done the pacing of this fight will feel right and satisfying. It may seem long, but I wanted there to be a classic "longer than you think it should go" kung fu fight. Only, rather than thinking "god, when is this going to end?" you'd be thinking "wow this is going on forever, and somehow I don't want it to end." We'll see. It's so hard to tell with these things; I really have to see the finished product, which is one of the curses of comics. You draw everything out and decide it isn't right, but instead of deleting a paragraph and rewriting it, you have to salvage panels and fit things back together like a puzzle.

In other news, I realized I shouldn't be using "gong fu" in this comic, so I'll have to go back and change it. The older words for martial arts are wu yi and wu shu. I had always associated wu shu with the modern day performance type of stuff, which seems more show than practical fighting method, but no. Wu shu it is.