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Book Burnin'

2010-02-26 08:38:38

Hey man, if you wanna go up against a Shaolin monk you gotta pull out all the stops. Of course it helps if your monk opponent is endlessly gullible and dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Something that I've been sort of doing consciously and unconsciously is mirroring the events and visuals of the Battle for Eight Herbs Mountain in the second half of the comic. Obviously this part matches when Pang's book was on fire the first time. I don't really know if any of this is noticeable without me pointing it out, but my hope is that it adds an extra layer of somethingness to the palatability of the comic, and links the two parts "thematically" without one having to think about it. Uh oh, my brain is starting to hurt.

It's not at all a one-for-one match on all fronts in chronological order, BUT CAN YOU FIND THE SIMILARITIES?

EDIT: Thanks to webmaster Elliot some website changes have taken effect. For one, the comic is numbered correctly again, following those three extra non-comic updates that were made.

Twitter and Facebook buttons have been added. Go join/follow! And the menu up top has been reworked. There's an all new "New Readers" page (the old About and History sections merged into just History); the Archives now have synopses if you forgot the plot and didn't want to read the comic again, and now using the all-powerful "Contact Ben" tool, you can get in touch with me directly, if that's something you ever wanted to do. I'm sure it isn't.