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Come Here

2010-05-21 09:00:19

So if you've read through the comic recently, or visited the archives, you might recognize this page. It's been reworked a bit, but is essentially the same. It used to be page 119, but 119 and 120 got replaced with another scene with these fools. So today you can read two other new pages as well!

Next week will officially be the last page of Volume 1. After that I've decided to work on Eight Herbs Mountain as a sort of intermission for an indeterminate amount of weeks. I think it will be a good break and allow for some time for the next part of the story to marinate in the recesses of my cinnabar field (<-- Daoist humor). Plus I really like seeing Pang as a little fat kid, don't you? It will be in black and white BUT twice a week!