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The Monk Has Been Sighted

2010-05-28 06:24:04

And that's Volume One.

Thank you for reading, however long ago you started. I thought I would have something profound to say at this point but I don't. It's been tough, fun, satisfying, disillusioning. And again, I can't thank you enough for continuing to read throughout the hiatuses of last year. Info on the book will come sometime in the next weeks.

The idea of Volume Two is slightly daunting at the moment, so I'm holding off on it for a bit, but there will be no breaks in updates. In fact, if you missed me mentioning this last time, there will be TWO updates a week for a while, starting next week!

So come back this Monday for Eight Herbs Mountain (you know, the comic about Pang and his temple when he was just a wee lad)! Yeah, I think we'll do Monday and Friday.