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Vol. 2 Kickstarter!

2013-03-04 08:59:06

Big news, guys! Over the weekend on Saturday, Pang Vol. 2 was featured as Project of the Day on Kickstarter. This was a game changer! We reached the initial $6,000 and then proceeded to zoom past it on Sunday. If the campaign reaches $12,000 the book will be funded to print! I went in to this just hoping I could make 6k to cover half the costs. So as you can imagine, I'm shocked and excited!

Thank you to everyone who's backed so far! I could still use your support. Obviously, it would be kind of amazing to actually earn money from making comics, so anything beyond the funded book would go towards that. Not to mention the other backer rewards I need to print for the campaign.

Right now there are Stretch Goals in the works, to sweeten the pot if the total goes higher. And the first one has just been met! Now everyone who orders the first tier and up gets digital copies of Vol. 1 & 2. Awesome, right?