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Protector of Justice

2013-03-08 20:12:27

Hey, everyone! The Kickstarter is still going pretty strong! Thanks to all who have backed!

For those on the fence, if this thing keeps hitting its stretch goals, you stand to get a lot of extra goodies! Right now, you get digital copies of Vol. 1 and 2 just for pledging for the lowest tier.

If it hits $15,000 and you back the second tier, you'll get a digital Art of Pang book, detailing my comic-making process, with tons of stuff from my sketchbook over the years.

And I just posted some future stretch goals too. For $20,000, everyone will get two digital music tracks written by my friend Darren Korb, the audio director for Supergiant Games. There will be a Pang song, peoples.

And for $22,000 I, along with my buddies James Parks and Alex Ahad (the creator of Skullgirls) will finish the first comic we ever self-published back in 2002. We're going to be finishing the last issue as a 24-hour comic, and everyone will get a digital copy of the entire 80+ page story. That's a lot of comics!