Pang, The Wandering Shaolin Monk is a Xeric award-winning historical fiction kung fu action adventure comedy drama comic set in 17th century China. It's about a monk named Shi Long Pang, and it updates every Friday. Say his name like this: Sher Loong Pong. Hey, that was awesome and well done!

Here's just a small bit of what to expect from this comic:

And here are the main characters:

Small and round, you probably wouldn't expect this fellow to be a Shaolin monk, but he obviously is because it's in the title. Born and left to die in a rice paddy, he was taken in by Head Abbot to live at the temple. He loves pickled turnips and always carries an endless supply of naivety and well-meaningness.
Somewhat rash, yet fiercely loyal, Jian is Pang's best friend. He was always a little jealous of Head Abbot's apparent preference for Pang, but is comforted by the fact that he can kick Pang's ass while blindfolded.
Master Bo
Bo was Pang's master as a boy, and one of Eight Herbs Mountains best fighters. The only monk to have traveled extensively across the Middle Kingdom, Bo had been working as a liaison for the temple's dealings with the Manju.
Head Abbot
The head monk of Eight Herbs Mountain, and essentially Pang's father figure. He is a thoughtful, wise and compassionate man who thoroughly enjoys meditating and slamming his head into slabs of stone.
Innkeeper Guo
The local innkeeper in the bustling town that Pang has chanced upon. He's a bit of a curmudgeon, and idolizes the Manju, but he's nice enough to put up Pang for a night or two (mostly because it's bad luck to turn down a priest).
Yang Yang
The innkeeper's niece. She's smart and cute and somehow her feet are unbound, which is definitely a plus from where Pang's standing. But why is Pang looking anyway? He shouldn't be looking at a girl—he's a monk. Golly, but her ears are so cute oh my god.
The Eight Bannermen
A group of shady individuals—Manju soldiers disguised as traveling merchants—looking for one certain monk with one certain book.

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Praise for Volume 1

A well researched saga, with wonderfully exciting action sequences. --Stan Sakai, Usagi Yojimbo

Historically rich, Pang combines an action-intense personal quest with a philosophical drama to create a different and engaging comic. --Newsarama

Pang Vol. 1 is a beautiful book...even the cover and binding is beautiful here, forming an attractive book that people will want to keep on their shelves rather than just solely read online. --Read About Comics

Ben Costa's PANG began life as a webcomic, but he brings it to book form here in this handsome first collection with help from the fabled Xeric grant. Talk about a worthy recipient--this is a meticulously researched and stunningly drawn piece of work. --Comics Waiting Room

It's charming and entertaining and educational...It's an excellent read, and that it's couched in a significant historical context make it that much more worth your time and money! --Kleefeld On Comics